In full bloom

There was not a raindrop on any rose to be seen when we got together with The Sunflower Café, set up so people with dementia and their companions can come together for support and fun experiences, this weekend on a sweltering Saturday afternoon.

After several years of singing together we all considered ourselves part of the furniture and settled into a summery afternoon’s crooning of old and new favourites in and amongst swapping bits of movie trivia. Who knew The Artful Dodger had once been played by Phil Collins?!

We do hope to meet with The Sunflower Café again, some sunny day, but before then intend to Party Like It’s 1919 at The Doverhouse Estate Centenary Celebrations where, starting at 6.00 pm on Saturday 29th June, we will be leading a sing-a-long featuring songs from each decade.
Tempted to join us? More details can be found here.

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