Thanks for joining us at the Dover House centenary

On Saturday we joined in the centenary celebration of the creation of the Dover House Estate and performed a selection of songs from our repertoire in St Margaret’s Church on Putney Park Lane.

Our theme was Summer of ’69 which perfectly reflected the glorious sunny weather on the day, and the medley of Beach Boys songs brought back memories for some of a momentous year which included the moon landing, Woodstock and the Stonewall riots.

To reflect the theme of the centenary event, we invited the audience to join us for a selection of songs from different decades of the past 100 years which they did with great gusto.

Afterwards many of us stayed on to enjoy the rest of a very enjoyable event – and a few glasses of wine and Pimms!

In full bloom

There was not a raindrop on any rose to be seen when we got together with The Sunflower Café, set up so people with dementia and their companions can come together for support and fun experiences, this weekend on a sweltering Saturday afternoon.

After several years of singing together we all considered ourselves part of the furniture and settled into a summery afternoon’s crooning of old and new favourites in and amongst swapping bits of movie trivia. Who knew The Artful Dodger had once been played by Phil Collins?!

We do hope to meet with The Sunflower Café again, some sunny day, but before then intend to Party Like It’s 1919 at The Doverhouse Estate Centenary Celebrations where, starting at 6.00 pm on Saturday 29th June, we will be leading a sing-a-long featuring songs from each decade.
Tempted to join us? More details can be found here.

Going places…

There was a time, not so long ago, when our performances had been to a huddle of family and friends clustered in the first three pews of St Margaret’s Church stalwartly supporting our rather tentative choral endeavours.
Who would have thought then that an appearance as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe lay before us … but it did … and Saturday 18th May saw “Putney’s liveliest choir” stepping out at St Mary’s Church as part of the festival with “Songs to Welcome the Summer”.
Performing a taster of the songs to feature in our official Summer Concert at St Mary’s Church at 7.00 pm on Saturday 20th July (do come to see us if you can) to a mix of family, friends and the just plain curious it was indeed a special moment for us all.

What a feeling!

St Margaret’s Church in Putney could not help but feel the rhythm when we took our passion and made it happen at our Disco and Pop Sing-A-Long held there last week.
Over a boisterous wine and snack fuelled evening an untrue “Buttercup” was wooed, a “Daydream Believer” tumbled reluctantly out of bed whilst a “small town girl” and a “city boy” took “midnight trains” to … anywhere. Blessings were also remembered for “the rains down in Africa”.
We will reunite with St Margaret’s Church at 6.00 pm on Saturday 29th June for another Sing-A-Long, this time featuring songs from each decade, to celebrate the Dover House Estate centenary.
Starting from 2.00 pm onwards people are invited to come along, in 1919 dress, to participate in various festivities more details of which can be found here.
Rumour has it the event will even be graced by the presence of a special surprise celebrity guest …


A Nightingale Sang…

Last Saturday saw us back with our mates at The Sunflower Café for a good old sing-a-long. After all, as winter turns to spring, snowdrops peep, daffodils abound and cherry blossoms bloom how could the odd nightingale not sing in Berkley Square?

The Sunflower Café in Putney and The Jasmine Café in Battersea are monthly gatherings where people with dementia can meet to share experiences and spend time together. More information about both can be found here

For anyone interested in shaking things up, we’ll be hosting a Disco and Pop Sing-A-Long at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 3rd April in St Margaret’s Church Hall. More details can be found here.

Happy Birthday Carl!

Wednesday 27th February saw our Sing n Slurp evening come together with the birthday of our musical director, Carl Speck.

Unaware we had rumbled his birthday discrete discussions had taken place over email as to whether we would be up to rendering “Happy Birthday” in a four part harmony but in the end the traditional version with some cake and candles was plumped for in a surprise presentation!

Carl has worked with us for many years and spares no effort to show us at our best. Music is arranged around our voices, backing tracks are provided for those less able to sight read, vocal sessions are built into our rehearsals to help build our voices … the list goes on …

Aside from his work with us Carl can also be spotted leading Pub Choirs at The Turk’s Head in St. Margarets, The Duke’s Head in Putney and The Anglers in Teddington. He also has a Good Morning Choir in Teddington and runs Now I Can Sing courses across London.

More information about all of this, and more, can be found at

Here’s hoping for many more musical years together Carl!

World Cancer Day Coffee Morning

We were delighted to be graced by the presence of Wandsworth Mayor, Councillor Piers McCausland, who dropped in for some coffee and cake at the Macmillan World Cancer Day Coffee Morning and Sing-A-Long at St Margaret’s Church Hall on Saturday 2nd February.

In good old Doverhouse fashion, Delilah was done in, kites were flown and after about an hour’s singing, everyone came away seeing so much more clearly. A good time was had by all with the Mayor and some of the other attendees even taking to the floor to have a bit of a boogie.

A heartfelt tribute was paid by one of Macmillan’s volunteers for the invaluable role Macmillan played in supporting his mother through cancer. Should anyone wish to assist or receive assistance from Macmillan more information can be found at

The next Doverhouse knees up will be our Sing n Slurp evening starting at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 27th February at St Margaret’s Church Hall. Anyone interested in coming along can find out more here.