Happy New Year!

After the success of our Christmas Concert and carol singing back in December, we are very excited to return to rehearsals in 2022. We have already welcomed a few new singers plus some familiar faces that previously sang with us – the new year is a great time to rekindle your love of singing!

This term, we have great new music as well as some old favourites that we are dusting off to enjoy again. New songs include Our House (Crosby, Stills, Young and Nash), Go the Distance (from Disney’s Hercules) and Here Comes the Sun. For now, we are continuing to sing in the airy and inspiring space of St.Margaret’s Church. Anyone is welcome to join us any time; just get in touch to find out more!

We had a wonderful time entertaining the residents at Glenthorpe back in December. It may have been rather chilly, but the hot chocolate and jacket potatoes that were served afterwards made it all worth it!

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